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Commendation Award for Product Innovation

The Home Safety Council's Commendation Award for Product Innovation was established in 2004 to recognize manufacturers' outstanding contributions for product innovations that enhance consumer safety. This elite award for safety innovation by manufacturers is reviewed for one-time, ongoing, or multiple actions.

Nominations are reviewed by a diverse and independent Technical Advisory Board comprising of national leaders from the public health, fire and life safety, and key injury prevention areas. Each product that receives a favorable review by a panel of safety experts is eligible to carry the Commendation Seal.

The Home Safety Council realizes that as our nation's workforce continues to grow and the demands on business continue to increase, the production and deliverance of quality merchandise at competitive prices will continue to be crucial to the success of our economy. This is why HSC is acknowledging manufacturers' efforts to develop safer products while assuming a proactive consumer safety awareness program that can serves as an industry model for others to follow.

The following factors are considered in the selection of award recipients:

  • Actions that contribute to reducing hazards to children and other vulnerable populations;
  • Voluntary actions that are not mandated by government regulations, that anticipate government regulation, or that go beyond what the government required;
  • Developments that affect the safety of large numbers of people;
  • Innovations or improvements to existing products;
  • Safety devices, packaging, warnings, or products that enhance consumer safety.

For more information regarding the Commendation Seal,
please contact Lynette Sappe-Watkins at 202-330-4900 or

Read more about past winners:

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