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Meri-K Appy Testifies before the Senate HELP Committee

The Home Safety Council's (HSC) President, Meri-K Appy, represented HSC as one of four panelists in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee at the Keeping America's Children Safe: Preventing Childhood Injury hearing Thursday, May 1 at 10:00am. Appy shared testimony about how HSC's research informs the development of its educational programs for children, the successful programs that have been implemented, and the challenges associated with communicating injury prevention messages to families and caregivers.

The Home Safety CouncilĀ® (HSC) is the only national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to preventing home related injuries that result in nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits on average each year. Through national programs, partnerships and the support of volunteers, HSC educates people of all ages to be safer in and around their homes.

The HELP Hearing commemorates the 20th Anniversary of Safe Kids, the first and only international nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injury. Other hearing panelists included: Dr. Ileana Arias, Director, CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control; Alan Korn, Director of Public Policy, Safe Kids USA International; Amber Williams, Executive Director, State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors Association, Atlanta, GA.

Home Safety - Meri-K Appy Testifies before the Senate HELP Committee.
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