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Home Safety Council Celebrated National Preparedness Month 2008 with Activities Ranging from a Citizen Corps Meeting to a Partnership with Ready.gov

President of the Home Safety Council (HSC), Meri-K Appy, attended the Citizen Corps Leadership Forum in Oklahoma City from August 19-21. Brock D. Bierman, Director, FEMA Community Preparedness Division, personally invited Appy to the Citizen Corps Leadership Forum. At the “National Partners Resource Session,” Citizen Corps affiliates had the opportunity to speak with the state program managers and other affiliates about initiatives and collaboration, and to distribute materials that discussed mission statements and top priorities within their respective organizations. HSC's focus was MySafeHome.org as well as home safety literacy and kids' disaster preparedness programs.

During the Leadership Forum, Appy met Becky Marquis with the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Public Affairs. Marquis briefed the Citizen Corps affiliates on their plans for National Preparedness Month, which included a guest blog. HSC's blog topic on working with literacy providers to teach readiness skills was accepted and aired recently.

From Alison Young, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director USA Freedom Corps, Appy came away with a contact at Senior Corps which offers an opportunity to introduce the Home Safety Literacy Project (HSLP) for older adults.

To support HSC's recognition of National Preparedness Month, the public policy activities leveraged its relationship with Citizen Corps and posted an NPM banner on the main website page and the public policy section. The Web banner, which included both the Ready.gov and Citizen Corps logos, linked to Ready.gov's NPM Web site, and encouraged all readers to help promote the emergency preparedness messages.

In 2007, NPM had a record number of more than 1,800 NPM Coalition Members who worked to create a culture of emergency preparedness in the United States. This year, that number doubled to 3,200 Coalition Members – including the Home Safety Council.

Some of the materials available on Ready.gov's Web site were information about hurricane preparedness, emergency supply kits, and emergency planning.

Home Safety - Kids across America celebrated National Preparedness Month with the touring exhibit The Great Safety Adventure.

Kids across America celebrated National Preparedness Month with the touring exhibit The Great Safety Adventure.

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