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June Helps Americans Remember the Importance of Home Safety

June concluded with a highly successful Home Safety Month (HSM), with HSC significantly increasing its visibility among a number of key audiences including Members of Congress, like-minded organizations and the general public.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s office contacted HSC to invite a representative to be the featured guest on the Congresswoman’s weekly cable TV show on Tuesday, June 9th.

Throughout June, the Congresswoman’s office focused on safety topics and interviewing guests with tips that will help constituents learn what they can do to prevent injuries. The interview was set up as a one-on-one conversation between the Congresswoman and Meri-K Appy. The show airs in Dallas and is featured on her You Tube channel. The Congresswoman’s office heard about HSM from our informational email blast to all press secretaries on Capitol Hill.

Other successes included:

  • Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA): Mention in e-newsletter;
  • Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA): Press release of the read-made article;
  • Representative Charlie Wilson (D-OH): Mention in e-newsletter;
  • Representative Debbie Halvorson (D-IL): Press release on Home Safety Month: ready-made article;
  • Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA): Ready-made article in his Capitol Commentary Column in the New River Voice;
  • Representative John Shimkus (R-IL): Ready-made article in his website;
  • Representative John Kline (R-MN): Mention and link to HSC in his website; and
  • Representative Randy Forbes (R-VA): Ready-made article in his e-newsletter.

Additionally, other organizations that included HSM included:

  • Citizen Corps Council of Prince George’s County, Maryland mentioned the event in Citizen Corps Council News;
  • Greenup County Health Dept. Blog: Ready-made article;
  • North Carolina State University: Posted a short-article;
  • City of Englewood, Colorado: Posted ready-made article;
  • Silver Spring, Maryland’s Web site: Posted ready-made article;
  • Roanoke, Virginia’s Official Web site: Posted ready-made article;
  • California Fire News: Posted article;
  • First Alert HSM Webinar: Posted webinar with Meri-K;
  • Occupational Health and Safety: Posted shirt article;
  • Toward Maximum Independence: Posted Senator Barbara Boxer’s HSM mention;
  • Texas Department of State Health Services: Posted ready-made article;
  • Congressional Quarterly: Information on the HSM Resolution;
  • DailyKos.com: Information on the HSM Resolution;
  • GOP.gov: Information on the HSM Resolution;
  • Firecorps.org: Posted Home Safety Tips;
  • Youtube.com interview with Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson;
  • Holland Hospital Web site: Posted part of the ready-made article
  • Act4Chemistry.org: Information on the HSM Resolution
  • Office of the Majority Leader Web site: Information on the HSM Resolution
  • OpenCongress: Information on the HSM Resolution
  • Politics4all.com: Information on the HSM Resolution
  • Rowlett Citizen Corps Council: Posted ready-made article
  • CDC.gov: Information on protecting children during HSM
  • Neighborhood Home Safety Network: Information on the HSM campaign and link to HSC Web site
  • Children’s Safety Network: Link to HSC’s HSM Web site
  • Hillsborofire.blogspot.com: Short article about HSM
  • Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service: Short article about HSM
  • US Fed News: Rep. J. Randy Forbes, D-Va. (4th CD), issued a statement about HSM to the Capitol Monitor newslette
  • Northernsunprint.com: Posted an article by Sen. Tom Harkin
  • Alzheimer’s Foundation of America: Mention in their e-newsletter

And the following organizations posted HSM web graphics on their sites:

  • RebuildingTogether.org
  • Citizen Corps
  • Black Girl Grown Blog
  • Silver Spring Home Search: Community News
  • Moore County Health Department
  • ARHealthLink: Arkansas Go Local
  • RedWaterVFD
  • United Blood Services
  • AMA Alliance
  • Research America
  • WPL & Friends
  • STIPDA.org
  • Sanantonio.gov

Thanks to everyone for making June is Home Safety Month 2009 such
a great success!

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