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Congressional Staffer Recommends Parents Join Their Children in a Visit to Rover

The Great Safety Adventure kicked off its 2007 national tour earlier this month with stops in Arizona and Georgia, and as always, our Home Safety Rangers were happy to welcome a number of special guests to the exhibit.

Starting in Mamie Lou Gross Elementary School in Woodbine, Georgia, the GSA East Coast team welcomed its first visitor of the year, Rob Asbell, Communications Director for Jack Kingston (R-GA 1st).

Asbell, who met with the children and Rover the Home Safety Hound, and toured the exhibit, was amazed at how quickly the children could identify dangerous situations.

"Big words like ‘interactive' and ‘virtual stimulation' really don‘t tell the tale," said Asbell. "The kids really got into it! Within a few seconds of entering this mobile field trip, the students were pointing out potential hazards that can be found in any home."

"This is an excellent way to teach youngsters about home safety," Asbell added. "I recommend that parents join their children in a visit to Rover at the Great Safety Adventure."

Meanwhile, our West Coast team was in Arizona's 5th District, represented by Democratic Congressman Harry E. Mitchell, visiting the children at Navajo and Yavapai elementary schools.

Daniel Friedman and Alexis Tameron, Field Representatives for Congressman Mitchell, came out to meet the children and tour the GSA.

"Teaching kids to be proactive about safety is a good step toward avoiding preventable dangers," Friedman said after his tour of the exhibit.

The Great Safety has become one of the Home Safety Council's most recognizable programs, educating nearly one million children and their families on critical home safety programs since its launch in 1999.

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