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Scald Burn Prevention Webinar

A survey by the Home Safety Council and H2otStop, a new anti-scald product from American Valve, found that 75 percent of adults have little to no concern for hot water burns as a home danger. Many people don't realize that people of all ages can be burned by liquid at 140 degrees Fahrenheit in as few as thirty seconds. It takes only five seconds for a young child to be injured by 140 degree liquid; and only one second at 160 degrees.

The January Webinar offered details on the results of the new research as well as hot water burn prevention tips and information on American Valve's new anti-scald plumbing technology – H2otStop. Outside experts also shared valuable information on the severity and consequences of hot water burn injuries and the Phoenix Society's Journey Back program to help children who have suffered a burn injury re-enter school.


Dr. Angela Mickalide, Director of Education and Outreach, Home Safety Council
Jimmy Parks, MS RN, Outreach Coordinator, The Burn Center at Arkansas Children's Hospital
Carla Amhrein, Child Life Manager, Shriner's Hospital for Children, Galveston

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