March is Poison Prevention Month

Most adults live a fast-paced life and are juggling children, work, and more - all at the same time. This can make it difficult to focus on the small, but important things that can make a big difference in the safety of your family. Many of the everyday items in your home, like cleaners, cosmetics and medications pose serious risks for young children. Click here for tips to help you identify and safely store the poisons in your home.

Make Home Safety Part of Your Spring Cleaning Ritual

The first warm days of spring have arrived and many families will soon get out their buckets and brooms to begin their annual spring cleaning. The Home Safety Council wants you to keep home safety at the top of your "to-do" list this spring to help prevent mishaps in and around the home. Click here to read about ways to stay safe while cleaning the cobwebs and clutter.

Bringing Home Baby

A newborn baby brings many exciting changes to a family! The Home Safety Council encourages new and expecting parents to take steps now - before the baby comes home or starts crawling - to remove hazards from every room of the home. From the nursery to the bathroom and every room in between, click here for tips to create a safe haven for your little one.

Nursery Safety Game

Do you know all the potential dangers that could be lurking in your baby's nursery? Test your knowledge now by playing our nursery safety game! After putting your nursery safety skills to the test, review our tips and brush up on everything you need to know to keep your baby safe in the nursery. Click here to play the game.

What will you do this month to prevent poisonings in your home? Click here to answer our monthly poll now!

The Home Safety Council would like to thank all of our wonderful supporters for voting for us in the Good Earth Cares campaign. The results are in and thanks to your loyal voting, HSC placed in the top 3 - making us elligible for a donation from Good Earth Tea & Coffee!! Click here to see all three winning organizations.

Did you know that injuries associated with windows cause more than 110,000 emergency room visits in a single year? Children are especially at risk. As spring comes into full bloom, make sure there is no furniture near windows in your home. Children can climb onto furniture to gain access to an open window and create a fall hazard. Install special window guards with a quick release mechanism in case of a fire. Click here to learn more about preventing window falls at home.