Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisonings

Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the "silent killer" because you cannot see, smell or taste it. It's a deadly gas that is produced by fuel-burning heating equipment like furnaces and wood stoves. With more people staying inside and using home heating equipment to protect against cold temperatures, incidents spike during the winter months.
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Early Show.
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Winter Weather Safety

There's nothing better than cuddling up in your warm home when it's cold outside! Whether you light a fire in the fireplace or turn on a space heater to warm cold toes, the Home Safety Council encourages you to follow the safety and maintenance instructions for all home heating appliances to prevent fire and CO dangers. Click here for tips to keep your home heated safely all winter.

Resolve for a Safer Home in 2010!

While some of your best-intended resolutions may already be broken, keep home safety at the top of your list. Set goals on what improvements you’d like to make and habits you want to change to help keep you and your loved ones safe at home all year round. Follow the Home Safety Council's top ten tips to a safer home to help get you started!

Nursery Safety Game

Do you know all the potential dangers that could be lurking in your babies' nursery? Test your knowledge now by playing our nursery safety game! After putting your nursery safety skills to the test, review our tips and brush up on everything you need to know to keep your baby safe in the nursery. Click here to play the game.

The Great Trade-In Program

Thanks to a new national program from Toys "R" Us, Inc., customers have the opportunity to trade-in used baby products such as cribs and car seats in exchange for savings on a new item. Due to recent safety recalls, the "Great Trade-In" event is designed to raise awareness that certain used baby products should not to be handed down or resold. Click here to learn more.

Have you been tracking recent safety recalls? If so, what have you done in response? Click here to answer our monthly poll now!

Good Earth Tea & Coffee is giving back by sponsoring a contest for nonprofits. The company will donate half of its after-tax profits to the top three charities receiving votes online now through February 28, 2010. Vote today and everyday to help us win a donation from Good Earth to keep families safe at home!

Home Safety Council Applauds Pennsylvania's Protection of New Homes with Fire Sprinklers

Home Safety Council Presents 2009 President's Award to Viking Group Executive

Disaster preparedness is not just for hurricane season - a disaster can strike at any moment! Be sure to stock up on batteries, flashlights, nonperishable foods, bottled water and blankets. Create a family communication plan that includes emergency numbers, so everyone will know what to do if an emergency happens where you live. Click here to learn more about preparing your family for winter storms or other potential emergencies.